Starter Selection

Chilled Orange, Apple or Grapefruit Juice
Corn Flakes, Crunchy nut, Bran Flakes, Weetabix or Alpen, Pot of plain or fruit yogurt (inc non dairy) with fresh fruit selection,
Selection of different granolas that can be added to your yogurt or enjoyed on their own.

Drinks and sides

White, Brown or Sourdough Toast as well as Dairy & Gluten free varieties.
Pot of TEA- Breakfast, Earl Grey, Fruit tea, Green tea, or various COFFEE’S to choose from inc,- Decaf

Main Course

THE STRATFORD SPECIAL Two bacon, Sausage, mushrooms, tomato, potato bites, Poached or scrambled egg, beans, and black or white! Pudding.
THE CRAIGSIDE (vegetarian) Quorn breakfast patties, Bubble and Squeak potato cake with poached egg, beans and Tomato and mushrooms.
HADDOCK / SALMON & SQUEEK Poached haddock with homemade potato cake or Potato bites, mushrooms, poached/scrambled egg and tomatoes.
WELSH RAREBIT Soughdough Bread with delicious mature cheddar mixture optional added chorizo, Worcestershire sauce and maybe an egg and bacon?
HOT FRUIT PANCAKE light thin pancake filled with hot summer fruits drizzled with maple syrup, with yogurt of your choice.
ON TOAST (White, brown, sourdough) poached or Scrambled egg, (why not add crispy bacon or mushrooms).

(these are examples as you pick the evening before so that you can personalize your breakfast your way and still change your mind in the morning)

Food and Drink Options

Being a small guest house we are not at the current time able to provide evening meals, We do have our own well stocked food and drink display fridge with a few snacks you can choose.

We know that sometimes in the evening (or even the afternoon!) Guests realise they want a little cold snack, treat or drink but just can not be bothered to go back out again to the local shop, On the floor Landing you will find a stocked fridge offering various cans and bottles of drink, along with snacks and some homemade cakes and treats. No cash? No problem, just right your room number down and what you have taken and the price will be charged at the end of your stay.

See your Guest Brochure in the rooms for full lists and prices.